Employer Benefits

Finding competent and dependable employees is one of the greatest challenges business leaders face. People with disabilities have the talents, skills and abilities you need. They are reliable, enthusiastic and some of the most loyal employees you will find.

Many of America’s finest companies seek and hire people with disabilities, and they have found it to be an appropriate and effective business move. Why not join them?

PlacementWorks, our clients and our business partners have continually enjoyed a greater than 92% Successful Outcome Rate for the last 5 years! It’s time for you to enjoy success like that with your team!
PlacementWorks Places People with Disabilties

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities improving the bottom line in the following ways:

  • Leveraging tax incentives, when applicable, to realize tax credits ranging from $2,400 – $15,000. Use the calculator to determine how your business will benefit.
  • Reducing training and turnover costs with a talent pool that tends to stay on the job longer.
  • 87% of the public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.
  • 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably than those who do not. 
  • People with disabilities and their network, as represented by the U.S. Census, represent $1 trillon in discretionary spending. 
  • Having a workplace that reflects the customers it serves is smart business.  Businesses that employ people with disabilities help generate revenues by allowing employers to tap into the market, build brand trust and loyalty, and create new products and services for the disabilities marketplace, as well.  

Tax Savings Calculator

Enter your current number of employees and the number of new hires you expect to hire this year, then hit Calculate Savings. On average 15% of your new hires may be qualified for up to $2,400 worth of tax savings under the WOTC program guidelines.

Number of Employees:
Number of New Hires per year:
Qualifying Ratio:
Qualifying New Hires:
Average Tax Credit:
$ 2,400.00
Total Potential Tax Credit:

Individuals with disabilities have demonstrated ability and are an untapped resource. The attributes of contagious positive attitudes, loyalty, and innovation are all primary reasons people with disabilities are hired and retained longer by business owners.

Call us to schedule an appointment so you can begin building a dependable and loyal work force that meets you specific business needs!

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