Employer’s FAQ



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that an employer might ask of the PlacementWorks’ process.

It’s simple. Call the PlacementWorks’ office at 727-520-5159. They’ll connect you with one of PlacementWorks’ employment liaisons. Tell them the position and qualifications you are looking for in an employee. They search their data-banks for the perfect fit for you and your needs.

There is no cost to the employer nor the individuals whom we are serving to secure employment.

PlacementWorks is partnered with the Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and The Agency for Persons with Disabilities; thereby focusing on an employer’s needs and the abilities and skills of our consumers to ensure that the  employer’s needs are met and the employee is happy to be a part of the employer’s employment family.

PlacementWorks’ Employment Specialists work one on one with a candidate, providing appropriate interview techniques and insight.  In addition, the Employment Specialists do their homework to research and understand the culture of the employer.

PlacementWorks provides support services to the employer and the employee in whatever capacity is needed to ensure the success of both parties.

WOTC stands for Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program.  WOTC is a federal income tax credit that provides incentives to private for-profit employers to encourage the hiring of individuals from certain targeted groups of jobseekers who traditionally have difficulty finding employment.